Staging A Kitchen For Sale

It has been said that the kitchen may be the most important room when you are selling a home. This is where the family spends a lot of their time together or with friends. From making and eating meals to doing homework or just relaxing at the table playing games, the kitchen can be seen as the central hub of the home. Making your kitchen look good is going to be a top priority when you are getting ready to sell your home!

At KS Nelson Group in Southeast Florida, we will always work with you closely as you are selling your home. From staging to photography, we want to make sure you are able to sell your home for what it is worth as you move on to a new home yourself. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you sell your home fast, and continue reading today’s post to discover the best ways to stage your kitchen for sale!

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1. Clean

Of course you’re going to clean your kitchen before showing it — but we mean it’s time to really clean your kitchen! Now that you are selling your home, it’s time to clean your kitchen like you’ve never cleaned it before. Aside from the obvious scrubbing of the floors and countertops, here are some of the best places to make sure are clean:

  • Behind and under any large appliances

  • Tops of cabinets

  • Windows

  • Inside cabinets and under the sink

  • Inside the fridge and stove

The more places that you can make sparkle, the better!

Before you’re finished cleaning, be sure to take out the garbage. You don’t want strangers visiting your home to see an overflowing trash can!

The final piece of cleaning that you need to consider is scents. While you may have enjoyed last night’s meal, your buyers might not share the same tastes as you. You also could have pets that contribute to smells in the kitchen. Lighting neutral candles or avoiding cooking meals when you know a showing is coming up can be a good idea. It can also be smart to put a piece of lemon or orange down your garbage disposal to make sure it smells good and does not hold onto the scent of whatever you threw down there before.

2. Organize

Your organizational normal probably makes perfect sense to you, but to an untrained eye, it may seem cluttered or unnecessary. Most people have a junk drawer in their kitchen for all sorts of random items. While it’s convenient and almost everybody does it, that kind of disorganization isn’t going to help sell your home.

Start by throwing out expired food in the fridge or pantry, and continue by going through any drawers and placing every item into its specific spot. If you’ve still got a disorganized junk drawer, consider moving those items to a box and leaving the drawer as spotless as possible. Make your remaining items and food as organized as possible. You can even buy some little baskets to keep everything organized in your cabinets. The best part is that once you move, you can bring the baskets and new organization with you! This will help you keep your new home organized right from the beginning.

3. Declutter

When showing your home, you want to make your kitchen seem as large and as clean as possible. One way to do this is to remove any clutter that you have laying around. While you may have a phone charger or random utensils on the counter at all times, it will look cleaner without those items. Even a microwave on the counter can create an image of clutter.

Some items make sense to keep on counters like a beautiful knife set or wooden cutting board, but be sure any items that you leave out have a clear purpose and reason to stay there.

As you are decluttering, you should also be depersonalizing. You want potential buyers to see themselves in this home, and having pictures of your family on the fridge or personalized towels will not help this image.

Any extra items you remove should be placed in boxes to be moved to your new home. If they are items you will still need daily, you can bring these few boxes with you whenever you leave your home. If they aren’t necessary items, you can pack them away in a temporary self-storage unit until you are ready to bring them to your new house.

4. Upgrade

It’s no fun to upgrade a kitchen that you aren’t going to use yourself, but even small upgrades can offer large results as you are selling! Some of the best upgrade choices to consider include:

  • A fresh coat of paint on walls and cabinets

  • New hardware for drawers, sinks, and cabinets

  • Flooring, especially if yours is currently scuffed or damaged

The goal of new upgrades is not to break the bank and go crazy, but to draw buyers in and convince them to fall in love with the idea of spending hours on end in this kitchen that could be theirs!

Sell Your Florida Home Today

No matter how you choose to stage your home, the team at KS Nelson Group is here to help! Contact our Southeast Florida Realtors® today to learn more about staging and how we can assist you in selling your home. We look forward to working with you soon and helping you move on to the next steps of your life!