Staging A Living Room For Sale

Your living room is the heart of your home. It is the place where you spend most of your free time with family, with friends, and even by yourself. Whether you’re watching a movie or pulling out some puzzles and board games, this room is the central hub of the home. In a previous post, we discussed the best ways to stage your kitchen to entice new buyers. In today’s post, we’ll discover great ways to clean and stage your living room to do the same!

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1. Clean

Just as we started with cleaning in the kitchen, we’re going to start with cleaning in the living room! This probably comes as no surprise, but you’ll want to dive in and do a deep cleaning of the whole space. This means vacuuming rugs or carpets, moving furniture to dislodge and remove any debris, cleaning tile or wood floors, dusting, and more. You want your living room to be sparkling and ready to show at a moment’s notice.

2. Use Natural Light

Most living rooms are situated in places that have several windows. Natural light draws people into the space, so let in as much light as possible to create an inviting atmosphere for your home. If your living room doesn’t have much natural light or you are showing your home at nighttime, you can utilize some accent lighting throughout the space to show off certain features in the room. These can include lamps or wall sconces that highlight the television, built-in storage, shelves, or other key selling features in the room. If you don’t have the accent lights already, choosing lamps is a great option because you’ll be able to bring these fixtures with you to your new home!

3. Reorganize

Creating symmetry in the living room is one of the most appealing features to new buyers. Work to find the right balance that will make people want to sit down in your space and strike up a conversation with friends. You may have some favorite blankets or throw pillows that don’t match, so it is time to pack those away for your new home. Find colors and items that go nicely together and simplify the space as much as possible.

4. Show Off The TV

You likely have a TV in your living room, as most homeowners do. Time to show it off! Buyers love seeing a great spot to relax and binge their new favorite show, movie, or sports games. If you have a sound system for your TV, playing some light music during a showing will entice buyers even further as they envision their own watch parties in the future.

Staging A Living Room For Sale Infographic.jpg

5. Utilize Statement Pieces

Buyers are always looking to be wowed by a living room. They want to see themselves in your home and picture their future here. One way to do this is by utilizing statement pieces. This can be beautiful furniture, interesting artwork, or nice decorations that make the space feel comfortable. If you have personal items like family photos in the living room, you may want to put them into storage for your new home as you give your buyers an opportunity to imagine their own family photos hanging in the space.

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